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Need Vaccination Help?

Getting a COVID-19 Vaccination should not be so difficult. Unfortunately, every vaccination center uses a different approach for vaccination enrollment, over complicating this process.

We offer trainer volunteers to assist you in getting your Vaccination. Simply sign up below and we will match you with a volunteer.

Want to Volunteer?

Ready to make a difference and help those with COVID-19 questions? If you are computer savvy, this is a great opportunity for you to help those that are having issues.

Volunteers are needed to track new and exisiting vaccination centers, maintain dose availability, update waitlist information and help our visitors set appointments.

Introducing the COVID3Step App

The App that let’s you find nearby vaccination locations along with the date that the center last received Vaccine dosages.

White Label our Vaccine Locator App

Integrate our cloud-based vaccination locator web app and manage your local vaccination sites independently. We will fully set you up, so all you have to do is keep your vaccination site information up to date.

Your new app will include all of your information and branding. Our solution is easy to implement and we can take care of the installation process free of charge. Once set up, your app will be available directly from your website. You will be able to update all your data through your secure admin panel. COVID3Step took significant investment on our part during development. You can integrate this solution for minimal cost today.

Now is your opportunity to help your community by simplifying the vaccination search for people that need it most. So if you do not have a Covid Vaccination-specific, smart phone app – use ours. Our enterprise level app is available now and you can easily make it available to your customers.

360 Marketing Solution

Direct Marketing Personified (DMP) is our sister company that reaches a radius of customers around your businesses. Using multi-touch marketing, DMP is able to reach your customers wherever they are active. This optional solution can really ramp up your marketing efforts.

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